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"Build. Defend. Survive."

ZOMBS.io is a 2D tower defense MMO that is focused on both building and survival. To play, just visit the official website!

How to Play[]

Gather resources and build a base, defend against zombies and raiders and get top 1 on leaderboard!

The Essentials[]

  • PlayerHorns.png In this game, you control a small yellow character, armed only with a pickaxe. (you can buy more tools later on)
  • GameObject Tree.png You are tasked with harvesting nearby resources with this pickaxe, such as wood and stone.
  • Stash1.png With these resources, you can then begin building your base, beginning with a Gold Stash.
  • Mine1.PNG With your Gold Stash built, start harvesting gold by placing Gold Mines.
  • Zombie T1 v1.PNG Once your base is built you must then defend it from enemies such as zombies, which come out at night, and grow stronger with each passing day.
  • ArrowTower1.png Place towers to help defend your base; each tower has different abilities.
  • ShopButton.png Buy and upgrade new tools, armor, and other items from the shop to help you along the way.
  • PlayerAxe7.png As you progress through the game you can level up both your base, character (shield), and your tools.
  • PartyButton.png You can also choose to team up with other players in order to build a bigger and stronger base.

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