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Add a tier 9. My tier 9 suggestion is amethyst.

Gold mines are too slow and can take more than 5 minutes to upgrade ONE TOWER to emerald from ruby. Add a gold resource more rare than the trees and stones to be mined on the map, or buff the gold mines so the max level can make 100 - 150 per second.

Add more pets! Carl and woody can do stuff, but there aren't enough pets.

Put a cost on the pets.

Add more hats, and put a buff on the first hat so that it's not just scary and devilish.

Let the Woody pet farm both resources at once if they are close together. If the Woody can't even mine the rock on top of a tree that it's mining, then the Woody has a small brain.

Put a cost on the hat.

Make the typing range go all the way across the map, but if you do that make a private party server or add an option to make your conversations public.

Buff Woody. It is way too under-powered, only being able to mine 4 resources at once with the max level. This makes the Woody have no match against the Resource Harvesters because they do 20 resources per second at the max level AND can mine multiple resources at once.

Let Carl have a sword. You don't fight with a pickaxe (how can a carl's pickaxe do 8000 damage while our pickaxes have 20 damage even at max???)