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"More Hats coming soon!"

The Shop menu in-game.

The Shop in Zombs.io is the place where players can buy and upgrade their tools and armor, among other things.

To access the shop, either click on the shop button (ShopButton.png), or simply press B or O. To get gold for the shop, go to the Strategies page on the wiki for some decent base building ideas!

There are 5 tabs:


Main article: Tools

Your main items in the toolbar, just don't get the tier 7 bomb confused with the health potion!

Pickaxe: does 20 damage [no damage to buildings], no matter the tier. Farms resources, as well as fights very weak zombies early game.

Spear: strong weapon that attacks fast and melee-type. Read changelogs to see recent nerf to Spears.

Bow: ranged weapon that usually has no accuracy. Annoying to use because you have to click every shoot (holding will just make an arrow animation) but does HUGE amount of damage per projectile (14,000 damage on tier VIII).

Bomb: small aoe ranged weapon that can blast groups of zombies at once, but does the least amount of damage out of all weapons (tier VIII only at 9,000 damage).


Main article: Tools#Shield

Your main player vs zombies defense when you are using spear, or if tackling one of the very hard bosses!

Shield: protects you from zombies. It can go to tier X with 85,000 shield points!

Shield has a bug, as buying Shield tiers above tier I would not actually equip it; your Shield's health is still 500 (equal to tier I's).


Main article: Hats

The main accessories, makes you wonder if hats from zombsroyale.io will come to zombs.io... Hmmm...

Horns: Press the blue button then press the x to obtain. It is very cool looking, however there are no advantages to the horns.


Main article: Pets

Your main and only friends during a solo or squad play through, they listen to what you want them to do ALWAYS! Every 8 waves (starting from wave 9) bosses will spawn, killing them will allow you to evolve the pet.

C.A.R.L: Fights for you. Levels up to the level after the wave, after that it will not gain any experience.

Woody the Harvester: Harvests resources for you. Really helpful because it is a fast resource farmer, and you can already gain the majority of your resources by placing Resource Harvesters.


The Health Potion is for your player's health, and the Pet Potion is for restoring your pet's health. Cool!

Health Potion: Heals your player up to full health.

Pet Potion: Heals your pet up to full health.

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