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Resource Harvester is a type of building in Zombs.io. It does not attack, but harvests resources for the player. After a few seconds, it stops harvesting and must be refueled with Gold.


"Harvests resources automatically, fuelled by gold. Hit with a pickaxe to collect."

  • Requires 5 wood and 5 stone to place.
  • Can have up to 2 (per party member, max 8) of this building type at a time.
  • Press R to rotate, much like the Melee Tower.
  • Collect resources by pressing the Collect button, or by hitting the tower.
  • It takes 10 presses of the refuel button to fully refuel the Harvester from nothing.

NOTE: In the previous versions of the games, zombies may spawn wherever you place the Resource Harvester, even if it is far away from your base. This can be used to trick zombies into swarming an enemy base, joining the horde that is already attacking the base. if you do this, wait to place the harvester until right before nighttime, so players won't destroy it. But right now, zombies will see the harvesters invisible.

Warning: May cause lag.


  • Use a resource harvester on a double-farm area (i.e. a tree and rock together), so you can gain more materials.
  • Use the resource harvester to get a ton of materials, especially if you're struggling with wood and stone.

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