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The pet menu in the Shop. Woody is currently equipped.

Pets in Zombs.io are minions that fight along with the player. Pets can be obtained through the Shop. Only one pet can be equipped at a time.


Growing and Evolving[]

Certain actions, such as killing enemies or harvesting resources around the map, grants experience to the pet. Note that when attacking enemies, the pet does not need to deal the killing blow to gain experience. After a certain amount of experience gained, the pet levels up and its health is fully restored. The current maximum level is the current wave - if the pet kills any enemies beyond this, he will not gain any experience.

Upon reaching certain levels, the pet can be evolved to the next Tier, increasing its stats (such as health, strength, and speed), after spending the required number of tokens. These tokens are obtained from monsters and bosses. Once you press the Evolve pet button, your pet will evolve after a several second wait. It is important to note that pets will still gain levels even if not evolved right away.


The pet will only attack when the player attacks first. Once a target is killed, the pet will automatically pick another one if the player keeps attacking. While moving to the target to fight, any zombie in range will be attacked by the pet. The pet will stop fighting and follow the player if outside a certain distance, and will teleport to the player at a distance of around 20 tiles. In case he is focused on an unwanted target, use the whistle (WhistleNew.png) available in the action bar.

Your pet will inevitably take damage, especially if it is a melee attacker like C.A.R.L. The active pet can be healed in any moment with a Pet Potion (PetPotionNew.png), which can be bought in the shop. Any dead pet can be revived from the shop page; simply click the purple Revive Pet button and your pet will return within a few seconds.

Remember that enemies always aim at the closest object; if this object is the pet, then the pet will be the target.

Pets List[]



The first added pet, obtainable by sharing the game to Facebook and Twitter. He attacks using a melee spear. With the increase in damage, at higher levels C.A.R.L will also move faster, which at the highest level players cannot out run.

Tier Image Required Level Damage [*] Speed Cost
I Tier 1 CARL 0 50 2 hits/s 100 Tokens
II Tier 2 CARL 8 100 2.04 hits/s 100 Tokens
III Tier 3 CARL 16 400 2.04 hits/s 100 Tokens
IV Tier 4 CARL 24 600 2.04 hits/s 100 Tokens
V Tier 5 CARL 32 1000 2.08 hits/s 100 Tokens
VI Tier 6 CARL 48 3000 2.08 hits/s 200 Tokens
VII Tier 7 CARL 64 6000 2.13 hits/s 200 Tokens
VIII Tier 8 CARL 96 8000 2.3 hits/s 300 Tokens

[*] Only applies to zombies.

Woody the Harvester[]

Woody the axer

The second pet. This pet can only be obtained by subscribing to the official YouTube channel. One thing that worth noticing is that when gathering several resources at the same time Woody will always go for WOOD instead of stone, which could lead you into a lack of stone.

Tier Image Required Level Harvest Speed Cost
I Pet Woody.png 0 1 2 hits/s 100 Tokens
II N/A 8 1 2.22 hits/s 100 Tokens
III N/A 16 2 2.22 hits/s 100 Tokens
IV N/A 24 2 2.5 hits/s 100 Tokens
V N/A 32 3 2.5 hits/s 100 Tokens
VI N/A 48 3 2.63 hits/s 200 Tokens
VII N/A 64 4 2.63 hits/s 200 Tokens
VIII Tier8Woody.png 96 4 2.86 hits/s 300 Tokens

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