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The Party menu. Your own party is highlighted green.

A Party in Zombs.io is a group of players working together to achieve a common goal: surviving.

To search for available parties, click on the party button (PartyButton.png), or simply press P. A list of all parties will be displayed, including the name of the party and the number of players in each one. Your own party is shown in a separate tab. You can change your party name by simply selecting the name, typing in the name you want, and pressing Enter to save. Note that you have limited characters for the name. You can paste the party link for other players to join from outside the game. You can also choose to make the party Private or Public; if your party is Public, it will be listed in the menu for any player in-game to see.

A full party.

If a player wishes to join your party, you will receive a notification at the top of the screen, then you can choose to accept or deny the request. If the request is accepted, he or she will be added to the list of players in your party (with a maximum of 4 players) - this is represented by a list of 2-letter initials in colored squares shown on the right side of the screen. The colors are also indicated on the minimap. The list of party members can also be viewed in the party tab; here, party leaders may choose to enable/disable the ability to sell towers (to prevent trolls) or kick a player from the party.

The more players there are in your party, the larger the waves of zombies will be; however, the number of buildings you will be able to build will also increase. All party members share a common Gold Stash, and each player will receive the full amount of gold from Gold Mines.

Once the party leader leaves the game, the next leader will be the player who joined second.

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