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Tier 1 Gold Stash

Gold Stash is a type of building in Zombs.io. This building is the center of every base and defines the area, 36x36 (1296) blocks, of i

nce where the player can build within. It can only be placed once and can't be moved.

Once upgraded to a specific tier, the Gold Stash gets additional health and unlocks the upgrades on all other buildings for that tier.

All players respawn at their Gold Stash upon death; if in a party the Stash is shared.

The Gold Stash is the target of zombie hordes, which move in straight line to its direction. If it's destroyed its game over.


"Establishes your base and holds your gold. Protect this!"

  • This building is free.
  • Can only have one of this building type at a time.

When your Gold Stash is broked, you get this Game Over screen, and must start your base all over again.

Tier Image Cost Health Time To Upgrade with 8 mines Unlocks
I Tier I Gold Stash FREE 1,500 156.25 seconds Tier I Structures
II Tier II Gold Stash 5,000 Gold 1,800 208.33 seconds Tier II Structures
III Tier III Gold Stash 10,000 Gold 2,300 285.71 seconds Tier III Structures
IV Tier IV Gold Stash 16,000 Gold 3,000 250 seconds Tier IV Structures
V Tier V Gold Stash 20,000 Gold 5,000 333.33 seconds Tier V Structures
VI Tier VI Gold Stash 32,000 Gold 8,000 833.33 seconds Tier VI Structures
VII Tier VII Gold Stash 100,000 Gold 12,000 2000 seconds Tier VII Structures
VIII Tier VIII Gold Stash 400,000 Gold 20,000 N/A Tier VIII Structures
IX 1,000,000


Unknown N/A Tier IX Structures
NOTE: Tier 9 (IX) has not been released yet, as that's only some confirmed info that will appear in the next major update of the game, and currently there's not much known about it.

Base buildings

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