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Gold Mine is a type of building in Zombs.io. In order to get any amount of gold, you must install at least one gold mine, with a maximum of 8, regardless of the number of people in your party. They do not attack, so it would be wise to place them near the Gold Stash and defend them with other towers. They will be your main source of gold income for most of the game, besides killing bosses.


"Generates gold every second for your party."

  • Requires 5 Wood and 5 Stone to create.
  • Can have up to 8 of this building type at a time, regardless of the number of people in your party.
  • Spins faster with each upgrade.
  • should be placed down directly after placing gold stash.
Tier Image Cost Gold Production
Wood Stone Gold Gold Health 1 mine Total
I Tier I Gold Mine 5 5 Free 150 4 gold/sec 3,840/day
II Tier II Gold Mine 15 15 2 250 6 gold/sec 5,760/day
III Tier III Gold Mine 25 25 3 350 7 gold/sec 6,720/day
IV Tier IV Gold Mine 35 35 6 500 10 gold/sec 9,600/day
V Tier V Gold Mine 45 45 8 800 12 gold/sec 11,520/day
VI Tier VI Gold Mine 55 55 2,000 1,400 15 gold/sec 14,400/day
VII Tier VII Gold Mine 700 700 8,000 1.800 25 gold/sec 24,000/day
VIII Tier VIII Gold Mine 1,600 1,600 30,000 2,800 35 gold/sec 33,600/day

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