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Cannon Tower is a type of building in Zombs.io. It has a medium range, great knockback, and fire rate, and is able to hit multiple zombies at once, thanks to splash damage. Because of that, it is slightly more expensive than other towers.


"Area of effect damage, slow firing tower."

  • Requires 15 Wood and 15 Stone to create.
  • Can have up to 6 (per party member) of this building type at a time.

Strategies and Use

  • Cannons are the main arsenal of the base, as they do aoe dmg and clear up waves rather quickly
  • Cannons, when at Ruby and Emerald, also have knockback due to their increased firing speed
  • Make sure to back up cannons with sources of powerful knockback, such as Arrows and Mages, so they don't get hit
  • Cannons, speaking statistically, actually do more dmg than bombs

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