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Bomb Tower is a type of building in Zombs.io. As its name implies, it fires bombs that do splash damage to groups of zombies, making this tower a priority when facing massive hordes. The Bomb Tower fires slowly, but it has the longest range of all the towers, making it a good early warning system for enemies approaching your base. It is a very good defense against players trying to destroy your base, as the player will likely have to move away repeatedly due to the long range of the bombs.


"Large area of effect damage, very slow firing tower."

  • Requires 10 Wood and 10 Stone to create.
  • Can have up to 6 (per party member) of this building type at a time.
Tier Image Cost Stats
Wood Stone Gold Gold Health Damage Range
I Tier I Bomb Tower 10 10 0 150 30 1,000
II Tier II Bomb Tower 25 25 100 200 60 1,000
III Tier III Bomb Tower 40 40 200 400 100 1,000
IV Tier IV Bomb Tower 50 50 600 800 140 1,000
V Tier V Bomb Tower 80 80 1,200 1,200 200 1,000
VI Tier VI Bomb Tower 120 120 2,000 1,600 600 1,000
VII Tier VII Bomb Tower 300 300 8,000 2,200 1,200 1,000
VIII Tier VIII Bomb Tower 800 800 35,000 3,600 1,600 1,000

Strategy and use[]

  • Bomb towers have long range and high splash damage, making them very strong against huge waves. They have a very high damage potential: A Tier VIII bomb tower can do over 3x the damage of a Tier VII arrow tower.
  • It is recommended to place the Bomb Towers close to your Gold Stash to maximize its potential damage output and range, as placing them on the edge without any other defense will likely overwhelm it due to its slow reload speed. Placing it in the back allows the Bomb tower to maximize its long range and keeping it safe to recharge its attack.
  • Playing Bomb Towers as a shield for other towers is not a good idea due to the Bomb Tower's slow speed (wasting some of it's value) and fairly high cost. If there is no other option, place Walls around the perimeter to delay the zombies, potentially enough for the Bomb Tower to attack.
  • Bomb Towers are effective to gain score in lower tiers with its low damage (against orange zombies) and AoE effect.

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