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Base Types[]

There are many types of bases in Zombs.io, and they all have their unique features and pros and cons. Each base and different, but they all have three things in common that make them the best. One factor is funnel, in which a zombie's behavior is manipulated to make it move into a certain direction. The second factor is knock-back, known is KB of short, in which towers like Arrows and Mages knock-back the zombies, preventing them form the reaching the base and giving the defenses more time to kill them. The third factor is zombie interference, in which zombies clump into large piles and prevent each other from moving. There are currently 7 base types that work the best in Zombs.io, and these are Corner Base, X-Base, Environmental Base (Env), AFK-Butterfly, 2 Entrance Funnel, Quadrant Bases,and LockDown Bases. There will also be a section filled with miscellaneous bases.

Corner Base[]

First of all, what are corner bases? The meaning is right in the name, its a base that is usually built in the corner of the map. This base uses a unique AI logic, where zombies only spawn with the sides that have defenses. Corner bases only have two sides with defenses, causing the zombies to spawn in those areas. Since the spawning area is so small that the zombies clump up easily and can't really moved. Mages are the front line of defense due to their knock back, making zombies almost immobile. Corner bases can reach an insane amount of score, and are every easy to build. These bases don't have to be built in corners, and can be built anywhere on the map. Make sure you protect the gold stash with Resource Harvesters, as riders and bosses can easily destroy the exposed gold stash.

  • Pros
    • Huge amounts of score
    • Easy to manage and upgrade
  • Cons
    • Easy for raiders to kill
    • Bosses can easily harm the base and even kill it.

Corner Base Designs[]

Base Design Number #1

Name: The maker of this base has no current name for the base

The maker of this base is [THLO]BlueLatios

This is a corner base made by [THLO]BlueLatios, requiring only 3 players to build and can accommodate 4 AFK players. It is currently the fastest clearing small corner base, clearing the entire zombie pile in a night. Beware though that this isn't a score base, as the score you receive is only moderately high. This base is certified to go to World Record with 4 players. The Arrows and Mages of the base are the main sources of knock-back, with the Arrows also preventing the zombies from spilling over the sides. The cannons and Bomb Towers provide most of the Aoe Dmg and are what makes the zombie piles die extremely quickly. In the late game, it might be necessary to replace 6 of the gold mines with Arrows if you are to AFK with all 4 players. The contents of this base are 12 Arrows, 6 Bombs, 16 Cannons, and 16 Mages. Extremely good if you want a base that can sustain but not get as high as a score.

*This base has not yet been released to the general public*


X-Bases were first created by Bryan Smith, and their have been many designs and changes over the years. X bases have a design that makes them look like they contain an x, and they have that x for a special reason. The X are made for the ents, otherwise known as entrances. There are 4 ents in the base, each located on one corner of the base. These ents help funnel zombies into one large pile into one group, where the towers such as cannon towers and bombs will be able to finish them off, and the mages provide knockback in order for the zombs into one pile. X bases have the unique concave shape in order to funnel the zombies into the entrances. These bases are were extremely hard to raid and the only effective known methods to destroy them are carl raids, woody (if environments are close enough, but I think people know better), and L-Key. These bases are extremely impressive and are the bases used for Wave World Records. I hope you enjoy these bases, as these bases are extremely fun for the long run.

Types of X bases Made Over The Years...

  • Bryan Smith X-Base
    • Bryan Smith's X bases was and is the first ever true X Bases. His Bases has since then been nerfed, but were the most popular and powerful base at the time. He was able to get 65B score with this base, which is pretty impressive especially when you take into consideration that X-Bases give very low score.

-Image of Bryan Smith's 65B Score Here...

Environmental Base (Env)[]

AFK-Butterfly Base[]

Axe Base[]

Quadrant Bases[]

LockDown Bases[]

Basically lockdown bases make you wanna turn into a squirrel

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