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Base Types[]

There are many types of bases in Zombs.io, and they all have their unique features and pros and cons. Each base and different, but they all have three things in common that make them the best. One factor is funnel, in which a zombie's behavior is manipulated to make it move into a certain direction. The second factor is knock-back, known is KB of short, in which towers like Arrows and Mages knock-back the zombies, preventing them form the reaching the base and giving the defenses more time to kill them. The third factor is zombie interference, in which zombies clump into large piles and prevent each other from moving. There are many base types that work the best in Zombs.io, and some of the best are Corner base, X-Base (Wave bases), Side (Score) base, Environmental base (Env bases) and Butterfly bases, which this article will go into.

Corner Base[]

First of all, what are corner bases? The meaning is right in the name, its a base that is usually built in the corner of the map. This base uses a unique logic, where zombies only spawn with the sides that have defenses. Corner bases only have two sides with defenses, causing the zombies to spawn in those areas. Thanks to zombies path-finding, Corner bases can defend large amounts of zombies with minimal towers. Corner bases are every easy to build. These bases don't have to be built in corners of the map, and can be built anywhere on the map. Make sure you protect the gold stash with Resource Harvesters, as raiders and bosses can easily destroy the exposed Gold Stash.

  • Pros
    • Decent amounts of score
    • Easy to manage and upgrade
  • Cons
    • Easy for raiders, bosses to kill

There are also two main types of corner bases that are used. Corner bases with entrances/a funnel (known as a corner score base) and corner bases without entrances. Corner bases with entrances are generally used for high score for they have a funnel leading towards the stash, which the zombies try to funnel into but instead form massive clumps. From there, you would use bombs + carl to kill the zombies more easily. Corner bases without entrances generally make the zombies try to spill over the sides of the base, where they are usually faced with a lot of KB towers and bomb towers to finish them off.


X-Bases were first created by the youtuber, Bryan Smith, and there have been many designs and changes over the years.

X-Bases have entrances connected together looking like the letter X, hence the name. These bases have that X for a special reason. The X are made for the entrances. There are 4 entrances in the base, each located on one corner of the base. These entrance help funnel zombies into one large pile into one group, where the towers such as Cannon and Bomb towers will be able to finish them off, and Mage towers provide knockback in order for the zombies into one pile. X bases have the unique concave shape in order to funnel the zombies into the entrances.

Since there is uneven amounts of zombie distribution, you would usually start with a very basic symmetrical X-Base and make small changes to it (tower changing) to balance out the base so that the base would work better.

These bases are were extremely hard to raid due to high concentrate of tower groups and zombies attractions. These bases are extremely impressive and are the bases used for wave World Records (Alternatively, they are also called Wave bases because of this reason).

X-Bases have a long history of usage, being popularized by Bryan Smith, a huge influencer of the game (even until this day). As the community grows, these bases are loved by the community, being a good starter type of base to master and used in World Records runs stated above.

Environmental Base[]

Environmental bases (alternatively called Env bases) are bases that uses the surrounding environment (Trees, Stones, Crystals) to create attraction and use as defense. As many players have agreed, this is the hardest type of base to master.

Example of an Environmental base

Env base example.png

Environmental bases designs are really unique and creatively crafted, as possibilities of "spots" are next to endless. What Env bases have up its sleeve is their entrances. Taking a look at the example base above, Trees and Stones are used to funnel zombies into an entrance.

There's a lot to learn and explore about Environmental bases, and as stated before, they are hard to make. I recommend you to master other types of bases as that will definitely help you when approaching Env bases.

  • Pros:
    • Very fun to play with
    • A work of ART
  • Cons:
    • Hard to master
    • Might be finicky when facing bosses

Steps to making an env base - Created by A Thing and proofread by deathrain.

Step 1: Patrol the server looking for a moderately sized place with trees and rocks in positions that you find suitable.

Step 2: Once you have found your spot and farmed to about 2k resources, you can plot out your entrances in your mind.

Step 3: Using your entrance mind map, place the gold stash in a desirable place where the attraction will hopefully be spread out in all directions. Usually it is better to place the stash a little bit closer to the top and left.

Step 4: After placing your gold stash, place walls between the gaps where you will not be having entrances. Then, watch a wave without any towers to see how zombies are attracted to certain entrances and to see what their movement is like.

Step 5: Assuming that your attraction was good, it is now time to start placing towers. You will want to work on the entrances first by placing mages, cannons, melees, and bombs in areas close to the trees/rocks/entrance.

Step 6: You should save arrows, gold mines, and harvesters for last because they are often in the middle and can be difficult to place correctly. Typically, a good entrance supported by trees and rocks should not need more than 6 total knockback towers; this is why placing some arrows/cannons on weaker non-entrance sides is good.

Step 7: This step is often overlooked, but is just as important. After filling all of the spaces that you want to with towers, you need to watch a few waves with brown or gray towers to see how effective they are. Early melee changes are often beneficial because it is more important for them to work. Also, sometimes cannons or arrows shoot too much at trees, so you will want to switch them out as well.

Step 8: Now it is time to continue farming and upgrading your carl and woody. Having lots of resources and having a carl is essential for any env base; however, woody is an optional help.

Step 9: Many people try to use 4 players right off the bat in their env bases, and this is all well and good, but it can often cause you unnecessary stress and makes the base look worse than it is (due to speedy zombies). I personally prefer to use only 1 tab for early waves (except 51, 80-88, and some of the purple zombies).

Step 10: Personally, I only make bases with 6x towers or 12x towers depending on the spot. I find it more challenging and it is more realistic/interesting. This step is a bonus for advanced players because it is often very difficult.

Step 11: Tower upgrading - Keeping most bases as low of a tier as possible is essential to env development because you can see what towers/sides struggle much easier. I usually prefer to keep my bases silver until red zombies, gold/diamond until purple zombies, and ruby or emerald for orange zombies.

Step 12: Once you have reached purple zombies, things start to get more intense because envs tend to be small and struggle against their speed. This is usually when I prefer to analyze efficiency over the damage. What do I mean by this? Well, many people prefer to remove towers or change them so that the base is no longer 12x/6x when they get damaged. However, this is not a great idea because you are often making it less "skilled" and not pushing it to its full potential. It is critical to switch around towers (particularly melees) in these stages so that they all work on zombies 2 or more blocks away. Also, cannons are better in the entrances as they are more versatile and deal more damage to zombies. Furthermore, changing the entrances or the walls/doors and trees/rocks they touch by using timeouts is often helpful, just make sure to bomb with carl! This is definitely the hardest step to master because many people will resort to using way too many towers. I repeat again - it is harder and more impressive to make a base with 6x/12x towers as opposed spamming mages/arrows/cannons.

Step 13 (Final Step): Once you are satisfied with your attraction, knockback, 6x/12x, damage, and score, it is time to polish the base with any slow traps, doors, or extra towers that you feel might be helpful. This step revolves around orange zombies because they tend to pile up A LOT in 2 or 3 ent bases. You have to consider how bases will last when 1, 2, 3, or 4 ppl are in the party for an extended amount of time. This will give you the best idea of how many ppl the base can afk with (800+ waves). GL building envs of your own! I hope you enjoyed these steps and found them helpful.

Sincerely, A Thing

PS: Knowledge for these steps has been developed by myself with ideas passed down from players like "me" (the master base builder), oooooo (a fantastic all-around player), and from collaboration with players such as deathrain, Xtreme, Shadow123, Nic, and many others. PEACE!

Side (Score) Base[]

Side (Score) bases works by funneling in zombies to a large area where towers could do effective AoE damage and killing off side zombies fast to earn huge amounts of score. First popularized by the youtuber, Deathrain in May 2021.

Example of a mediocre Side (Score) Base


Low tier AoE towers are preferred to this type of base. How scoring is handled in Zombs.io is to get as many hits on zombies as possible before they die out; damage from players (and especially pets) will also results in more score. Side (Score) bases works according to this and gains very considerably high score compared to every other types of bases. This is by far favorited by the score World Record players.

  • Pros:
    • Gain fast score, great for score World Records.
  • Cons:
    • Weak against bosses
    • Very little protection against other players.

Butterfly Base[]

Butterfly bases use a concave entrance design, which funnels the zombies in. Their shape is beautiful, and is given an equally beautiful name, not some weird mix-ins like + bases. It's looks like Butterfly too.

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