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A ban in ZOMBS.io is defined as a suspension or an expulsion from the game which can be temporary or permanent. The bans we see now were, though, only introduced in early 2020.

A ban shows up as a disconnected screen, with the difference of other areas of the screen not loading.

Bans can be defined as either automatic or manual.

Bans are IP-based, all devices playing on that same IP cannot access some specific servers.

Automatic bans may occur if your IP has 9 or more sockets in a single server.

i like fox There are 3 types of bans:

1. Local ban[ | ]

A local ban may happen if you successfully send 9 or more sockets into a single server. This ban only involves a single server and is permanent. It lasts until the server you're banned in resets. This type of ban is IP-based.

2. Global ban[ | ]

Ban screen.

A global ban may happen if you do the same thing as a local ban, except it involves every server in the game, and it can last from a single day to an entire month (Global bans clear at the end of each month). This type of ban is also IP-based.

Trivia[ | ]

  • All types of bans can be circumvented by use of a VPN (IP Bans) or a Virtual Machine (for Hardware ban). However, developers will continue to ban your IPs and machines. It is better to wait out the ban.