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Arrow Tower is a type of building in Zombs.io. Although they can only damage a single zombie at a time, they have a large range and a fairly strong knockback, especially when multiple Arrow Towers are hitting at once.


"Single target, fast firing tower."

  • Requires 5 Wood and 5 Stone to create.
  • Can have up to 6 (per party member) of this building type at a time.
Tier Image Cost Stats
Wood Stone Gold Gold Health Damage Range
I Tier I Arrow Tower 5 5 - 150 20 600
II Tier II Arrow Tower 25 20 100 200 40 650
III Tier III Arrow Tower 30 30 200 400 70 700
IV Tier IV Arrow Tower 40 40 600 800 120 750
V Tier V Arrow Tower 50 60 1,200 1,200 180 800
VI Tier VI Arrow Tower 70 80 2,000 1,600 250 850
VII Tier VII Arrow Tower 300 300 8,000 2,200 400 900
VIII Tier VIII Arrow Tower 800 800 35,000 3,600 500 1,000

Strategy and use[]

  • Arrow Towers are fairly versatile due to their cheap cost and fast reload, but due to their lack of splash damage, they are less effective at defeating large waves, so make sure to pair it with long-ranged backup like Bomb Towers..
  • Best placed in the front-middle of the base, as it has a fast reload, but no splash damage and medium range. They are best used on the front lines to pick off zombies one-by-one, dealing enough damage to the zombies for close-range towers such as the Mage Tower or the Melee Tower to defeat them.
  • Arrow towers are best used on small swarms, but can be used effectively against Bosses; the Arrow Towers will chip away the boss's health, dealing enough damage for longer-range towers such as the Bomb Tower or shorter-range towers such as the Melee Tower to finish it off.

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